What it does
The Kline API can be used to make your own simple web driven speech synthesis program. Using javascript this API allows you to call a method and easily put any string to speech.
Why we made it
As it was mostly for fun, we were going for a personal AI similar to JARVIS from iron man. You can find our version of Kline here.
How to use
Embed the code below to get our javascript methods working.
<script type="text/javascript" src="https://dev.thecubecast.com/content/kline/js/klineMAIN.js"></script>

The kline.speakAloud(message, Wait); method has two arguments, a string and a integer. Anything your program wants speak outloud would go were the string is in quotes. The integer is the time the function will wait before speaking outloud in seconds.
if true {
kline.speakAloud("Our message", 1);  //Calls speakAloud method
} // Says 'Our message' outloud after waiting 1s.
The kline.speaktext(message); method has only one argument, a string. Simliar to the speakAloud method whatever you put in as the string will be output. Only this time it outputs as text and to any html element with the id "Output".
if true {
kline.speakText("Our message");  //Calls speakText method

<!-- Outputs "Our message" to the element below -->
<output type="text" id="Output"></output>

What got us through all this
We never would have been able to figure all this out on our own. If it weren't for these websites and editors we never would have made this API. Thanks and here they are.
Google Developers Documentation of Speech Synthesis-API.
Teamtreehouse blog written by Matt West on February 4, 2014