Status: Complete

A 2D game about going back to a planet already deemed empty. Looking for every trace of metal you can find to upgrade your equipment. Much more is planned, but working hard to not get too ahead of ourselves! I will post some pictures here once I feel like its in a state I am happy to share with everybody.

The game is not what I had detailed above, we canceled it before we got that far. It is still playable and we are still proud of what we have. Download the zip here and run the jar file to try it out! Here


The game is complete as far as we are concerned. We came to the conclusion that the game had reached a point where continuing was no longer benefiting us. The game was meant to be a stepping stone, and it has fullfiled that. Future work on the game is extremely unlikely. The game has saving and random world generation to an extent. We learned a lot.

The core game mechanics have been realized! The game will start taking shape much faster now that I have the most important mechanic working.

Game has been loosely prototyped in ReEngine. Progress is slow, making a game mechanic unlike anything I have ever worked on is tough and confusing.