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Our coolest Jam game, Soo fun to play!
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Our next game! Gilded Reality!
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Look at our game ReMine!


We’re still alive!

Hello! Long time no see, I just finished updating and fixing a lot of stuff on the site. The projects page now shows a neat list of all the projects I’ve worked on. I’m not gonna promise that we’re gonna start getting active again, but I can say that TheCubeCast isn’t going anywere. I still program all the time and spend as much time as possible working on ReEngine2. My goal for the year is to finish my new game, code named “Seed”, by christmas of this year. As long as I stay on track you’ll see this name show up in more places than discord and my website.

Can’t wait to tell you more about it in the future!


Never Stop Making!

So we have moved on from ReMine, and have begun work on a multiplayer 2D game. it’s mostly just to test ReEngine2 multiplayer capabilities, of which I finished programming the bulk of today (It total works). After we release our multiplayer test ‘game’ then we will start working on bigger projects. Everyone is working on learning new skills and honing their talents. Our games will only get better!


The game I previously mentioned in a post about ReEngine is now complete. You can find it in the projects tab under ReMine. It took a long time to make, and it’s not up to snuff with other games out there.  But we learned a lot from making what we have, and we still encourage you to try it out. We are going to start working on another game soon! so stay tuned!

It’s Restored!

The website content has been restored! Everything is back where it belongs. A few links may be broken, but for the most part it’s fixed! The login system profiles are still down. No plans to fix them right now as I have a lot of programming to do on other projects. Also pay attention to the Projects tab. I will be adding some of my newer projects to the website, such as ReEngine. As well as documentation and help links that got me to the point they’re at. Enjoy!

Side Note

School and work have been taking up a large majority of my time. Programming, while I still do it as much as I can, has been largely impacted. For example the content on the website is missing. I haven’t had a chance to move it all over to the new standard of the login system. I do plan on getting it moved over soon, because I was putting it off until I finished the Profile system. Although now it looks like my site is just broken. So expect a restore of web content on the site within a month of this post.


Been working on a game engine over the summer for a new game. Game Engine is done, game aspects are coming along now. The picture above uses the non-smoothed edges between stone and dirt so it doesn’t look as nice yet. Just giving you guys an update on what I’ve been doing lately.

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